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onomir ([personal profile] onomir) wrote2017-03-25 07:39 pm

Learning curve

I am very slow on the uptake here.
Reading some entries gives me hope and encouragement
I'm not sure if I should start or paste inklings in progress
Or wait until finished and share, or just blog and stay in touch
I miss you all because you healed me and nurtured
My desire to write.
I'll figure this out and am ever thankful for each of you.
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Learning Curve

[personal profile] bregalad 2017-03-28 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
I believe I am in the same boat - "slow on the uptake" wise, that is. The style of communication here is a bit foreign to me. I've been around the LOTR fan club since the old days, but have been absent for a while and am now having to learn a new message board system. I got some help from Prim recently and am waiting for Strange Elf to post something so I can connect to her journal.

Hang in there. This may take a while to figure out. I know it will for me. LOTR fanfic (or inklings) are of great interest to me. So I hope to see some of yours in the future.